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  • Inappropriate clothing- unusual for age or context

  • Unfamiliar with the area where he or she resides, unable to name local streets, landmarks, etc.

  • Story sounds scripted or inconsistent

  • Possession of expensive items

  • Lack of personal possessions 

  • Unable to produce personal identification 

  • Seems nervous, anxious, fearful, paranoid

  • Avoids eye contact

  • New mobile phone

  • Shows signs of poor health: injuries, malnourished

  • Answers to various names or aliases

  • "Boyfriend" is older, controlling, abusive 

  • History of frequent travel or residing in various locations

  • Lies about his or her age claiming to be older than appearance

  • Tattoos or Branding

  • Evidence of recurring or multiple STD’s

Where to Call if you see signs of Human Trafficking


The National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline (NHTRC)

 1-888-373-7888 (or text to “BeFree” or 233733)


The New Jersey Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-855-END-NJ-HT


New Jersey DCP&P 1-877-NJ-ABUSE


9-1-1 (If in immediate danger)

Indicators of Human Trafficking
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