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Our Story

Heart 2 Heart Services is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which seeks to provide a home for victims of trauma, including victims of human trafficking. The purpose of the home is to provide a full continuum of care designed to develop the whole individual. Currently, New Jersey has no short or long term treatment facility or treatment home designated specially for victims of human trafficking.  As a result, the mission of Heart 2 Heart Services was created. The purpose of developing the whole individual is for the individual to surpass from being a victim to survivor to a thriver, living a life complete with successful options and possibilities; and to flourish outwardly. These victims need a place, a home, to retreat, recover, and rebuild.

Heart 2 Heart Services cares about the youth of today and provides an intensive in- home therapy program for children Ages 5-21 years old. We offer in-home therapy for children who have experienced trauma, adjustment issues, emotional and behavioral challenges.  

Holistic Care & Counseling Under Heart 2 Heart Services is our outpatient therapeutic program. It also includes a continuum of treatment proceeding the intensive in- home therapy as well as counseling for the community at large. 

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